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The Crème Collection is one of our heritage lines. It smells heavenly and feels soft and flexible. The durable leather is thick and rugged. It does not scuff easily so it's perfect for your everyday carry.

We highly recommend Crème if you're new to Chic Sparrow travelers notebooks!
  • Crème | Weekly Calendar - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Weekly for Hobonichi Weeks


    Stay organized with vintage style! Our Crème Weekly Calendar is timeless and designed specially for Hobonichi Weeks or Hobonichi Mega Weeks. It fe...

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  • Crème | Folio - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Folio


    Discover the perfect balance of minimalism and timelessness with the Crème Folio. Its sleek and sophisticated design is enhanced by use, creating ...

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  • Black Beauty travelers notebook cover. Simple leather journal cover with black elastic.

    Crème | Classic


    Feel connected to your style with Crème Classic; a medium-handed, matte-finish traveler’s notebook with a minimalist design that adds to your noteb...

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  • Crème | Cascade Folio - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Cascade Folio


    Organize your documents with this timeless Cascade Folio! It fits one hard or soft bound notebook, plus pockets for cards and other items. From th...

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  • Crème | Cascade - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Cascade


    Introducing Creme - Elevate Your Organizational Experience! Immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of Creme, our exquisite leather notebook co...

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  • Creme | The Pen Case - ChicSparrow

    Creme | The Pen Case


    Keep your favorite fountain pen within easy reach with Creme Pen Case. Its secure design ensures your pens stay safe. This holds two pens nicely, ...

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  • Crème | Nano - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Nano


    Timeless micro journal or wallet, designed for comfort. Perfect for those on-the-go, it will keep you organized with a stylish and practical tou...

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  • Crème | Pen Quivers - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Pen Quivers


    Provide a vintage feel with sleek style. Keep your pens safe without the worry of ever losing them in your bag again. Choose from two sizes to per...

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  • Black leather key fob with Chic Sparrow logo. Leather keychain with key ring and rivet.

    Crème | Key Fob


    Keep all your keys together in style. Its vintage feel adds a subtle flair to your everyday look. With its classy design, you'll never misplace y...

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  • Crème | Pen Closures - ChicSparrow

    Crème | Pen Closures


    Securely store your two favorite pens with Crème Pen Closures! They come in two different sizes (single and twin), so you can be sure your favori...

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  • Brown leather sample with Chic Sparrow logo. Square leather sample.

    Crème | Leather Sample


    Try before you buy, so you can experience the quality and craftsmanship of our leather products before making a decision. Enjoy the convenience ...

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