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Chic Sparrow leather goods have unique characteristics and classic designs. Shop leather tote bags, travelers notebook covers and accessories.

Kody | Number 9 B5 Leather Cover

from 139.00


  • kody-classic-no-pockets
  • kody-folio-journal-cover
  • kody-cascade-folio-journal-cover-with-credit-card-pockets
  • dakota-classic-no-pockets
  • dakota-folio-journal-cover

On Sale

Lara Lee | Two way Strap

187.00 189.00


  • denali
  • grand-canyon
  • open-road
  • meteorite
  • antique-brown

Lucy | Hobo Shoulder Bag



  • giovanni
  • gastaldi
  • hayez
  • espresso
  • vincent

On Sale

March | Cascade

from 59.00

  • damian
  • diego
  • donovan

Meteorite | Number 9 B5 Leather Cover

from 139.00


  • meteorite-classic
  • meteorite-folio
  • meteorite-cascade-folio

Number 8 Traveler's Notebook



  • black-beauty
  • creme-brulee
  • chocolate
  • dakota
  • espresso
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