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Buffalo Bill | Leather Sample

Color: Buffalo Bill

This unique design commemorates Chic Sparrow’s 8th anniversary. With large curved pockets, a unique pen loop and snap closure, this travelers notebook is truly a work of art. This exclusive leather is only released in the No.8 design in the Extra Wide size.

Leather Texture & Character

The No.8 AKA Buffalo Bill leather is American bison hide and displays so much luxurious texture variation. The dark brown color is accented by medium brown crackles and pull-up. The raised pebbled surface resembles a roadmap, reminding you of life’s journey. Just like the animal, Bison leather is extremely strong, so the durability is  unmatched. Take the No.8 on all of your adventures, knowing your trusty companion can handle anything that comes its way.

Please Note: This leather has a high oil content and some white wax bloom may be present. Simply brush the leather, heat it with a hairdryer or use a cloth to remove the wax bloom.

  • Veg-tanned, full-grain leather with a soft hand
  • Textured with light matte finish & some pull-up
  • Easily scratches and wears its history with pride
  • Color and texture will vary

        Leather Sample Design

        • Each color sample sold separately
        • Leather color varies by lot
        • Approximately 3.5" x 3.5" inches 
        • These are samples of color only. Leather takes dye differently, so your colors may not be an exact match to the sampled color.

          Shipping & Inventory

          • Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment
          • Limited stock available

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