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Visions of Sugarplum

Visions of Sugarplum


This years festive limited edition release is ready to join your collection! Watch for this leather in the limited edition collection at Chic Sparrow starting Monday, November 23rd around 10 AM Pacific Time. It will be available only while supplies last, but there is quite a bit to go around.


What’s it like?

 “The simple grace of a holiday moment, sweetened with the scent of mulled wine, & warmed by the glow of tinted lights.” 
The distinctive dusty purple shade of the Sugarplum leather shows mauve-like undertones within its scrumptious pull-up. Its unique fading finish shows wear and marks easily. When rolled,  extraordinary pull-up qualities and charming wrinkles quickly appear giving Sugarplum its exquisite personality, while arrays of straight dark lines further ornament some pieces of this leather. These unique and endearing characteristics are what will tell the story of you and your beloved Travelers Notebook for seasons to come. If you love leather that shows its use quickly, then Sugarplum is sure to delight!

The perfect place to capture the joyful spirit of a holiday season and the perfect tool to ward off any seasonal blues.​​​​​​​

On Monday the 23rd around 10 AM Pacific Time, find yours in the Limited Edition Collection at Chic Sparrow by clicking here!


As with all limited edition offerings, Sugarplum will be available while supplies last.

One item per customer on launch day, excluding small leather goods, thank you.


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