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The New Look Of Old Favorites

The New Look Of Old Favorites

That’s right! Ink and Burgundy are making a limited reappearance at Chic Sparrow under new their names: Morland and Drummond. 
They will be made available on Monday, November 16th around 10 AM Pacific Time in limited quantity. 

You may have been introduced to Morland as Ink & Drummond as Burgundy, but they’re the same beautiful leathers that you know and love. 

These two colors share that unique combination of stability, elegance, and sensitivity that has made the Austen leather a treasured and favorite collection. 

This vegetable tanned leather is smooth, glossy, and sturdy - it can handle any adventure. Designed to collect unique markings all their own, with time and use each Austen cover continues to gain significance as your story becomes written inside & outside your cover.



As with all limited edition offerings, Drummond and Morland will be available in limited stock only while supplies last.

One item per customer excluding small leather goods, thank you.


On Monday the 16th around 10 AM Pacific Time, find yours in the Limited Edition Collection at Chic Sparrow by clicking here!

 Thank you for reading & as always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

We will see you soon at Chic Sparrow!

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