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Black Friday Sale: 20% off sitewide! Discount applied at checkout. Ends 11/29 @ 11:59pm PST!
Black Friday Sale: 20% off sitewide! Discount applied at checkout. Ends 11/29 at 11:59pm PST!
November Sales

November Sales

November is a special month at Chic Sparrow and I’m excited to let you know what’s going on. The goal of shrinking inventory to start the new year comes as a win/win for everyone involved. After all, who’s going to argue with a month full of discounts? Not me!

Sale Schedule

At Chic Sparrow there will be one sale each week of November. These sales will last for one week each, beginning at 9 AM PST on Monday to 9 AM PST the next Monday, when the next week’s sale will start. Each sale will require the use of a specific discount code to receive savings. Exclusions include the Hand Tooled covers and any new items or leathers, Carroll, Sincerely Yours, etc.

So, let’s break this thing down.

  • November 2nd - 9th: All eligible Classic & Deluxe models 25% off with use of the code CD2020
  • November 9th - 16th: All eligible Folios 25% off with use of the code FOLIO2020​​​​​​
  • November 16th - 23rd: All eligible Cascade models 25% off with use of the code CAS2020
  • November 23rd - 30th: All eligible Deluxe, Classic, Folio, & Cascade models 25% off with use of the code NOV2020
  • November 2nd - 30th (all month long): Zipper Wallets will be 50% off with the purchase of any Travelers Notebook and Second Chance will be marked down to 50% off from full price (an additional 25%)

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Rewards coupons, clearance items, or other codes may not be used in conjunction with sale codes. 
  2. Be sure to sign into your account and enter/apply the sale code prior to completing payment information (sale codes may not be added retroactively)
  3. ​​​​​​​Zipper Wallets will be automatically discounted in the cart when eligible
  4. Second Chance items will be pre-marked at the discounted pricing
  5. Sale codes will be active on eligible items for 1 week (from 9 AM Pacific Time on Mondays, until 9 AM Pacific the following Monday)
  6. This is really fun and exciting!

Save the Dates

Alrighty, feel free to save this email, screenshot the schedule, share it with friends, write it in your planner, put it on your calendar, print it out and hang it on the refrigerator. I will leave those decisions up to you, but I will post it on under Announcements>News for easy reference.

Now to start planning… Let’s see, gifts for family, gifts for myself, gifts for friends, gifts for coworkers, gifts for myself… Excited? I know I am. November is the month, Chic Sparrow is the place, discount is the word, and excitement is the feeling. 

Click here and start your wishlist today!

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