Retired Odyssey Sale

April Newsletter explains the much-anticipated Odyssey sale!


Chic Sparrow will be out of the shop the week of 4/02 through 4/6, meaning the last day we'll be in the shop is March...

Maverick Preorder Info (March Newsletter)

GB (Golden Brown) Maverick leather Profile:  Thickness: thick leather (2.8 mm) similar to Creme in thickness but mu...

Leather Variations: A MUST SEE!

  For more information on specific leather types, I encourage you to check out our YouTube channel. We introduce eac...

New Website Blips & Bloops

Hey! So, as you may have noticed, we updated our Website a week or so ago. There are always little glitches to be wor...

Special LIVE stream on Wednesday February 21st!

Featuring conversations with Ali Brown, Laura from GYST, Carie Harling, and Tina Cody!

Highland Outlander Preorder 2/19/18

This leather makes us want to kick our heels together.   The Highland Green Outlander leather is a special leather we...

Weekly Calendar Cover + Breezy Tote

Coming February 9th Weekly Calendar Cover Breezy's Tote Today (feb. 9th) at 9 am Where do I find the Weekly listi...

How to use your Reward, Sale, or Gift Card Codes

Hello, Sparrow Family! Here is some information about sales and discount codes.    Once in a while, we offer seasonal...

Voted to be Most-Loved: Creme Leather

What's so great about Creme?

New Customers: Start Here!

New to Chic Sparrow? We're here to help!

January Newsletter: Outlander Preorder

Preorder is closed. Look out for new sales, soon!
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