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Your Upcoming Exclusive

Your Upcoming Exclusive

Practical & Stylish 

I have noticed how much you’ve been enjoying our latest notebook designs. The Enchanted Woods collection and Folios have been selling out nearly as fast as we can create them. That being said, production is in full swing, so if you haven’t snagged the specific size or exact color that you’ve been after, not to worry- more are on the way!


The reactions I have received about our new Folio design have been wonderful. In case you missed the announcement in the Chic Sparrow Inc. 2.0  Facebook group, we have been sending out a complimentary Elastic Pen Quiver Closures with any size Folio order. These Quivers are slightly second chanced and the color will be selected at random. We have quite a few left but they are going quickly, so if you have been on the fence about exactly when to order your new Folio, I must say, now would be an opportune time. 



There are so many new things still on the horizon and I am excited for each of them. Have you seen the Doctor lately? The Doctor leather will be making an exclusive appearance on March 11th at Chic Sparrow as part of a 3 piece set! Each set will include a Folio (A6 or A5), an Elastic Single Pen Quiver Closure, and a Key Fob. This offer will be available for a limited time and in limited quantity. 


Doctor Leather Exclusive Details

  • Available March 11th from 9 AM to Midnight Pacific Time
  • Offered in two sizes, A5 and A6 (dimensions are specific to the Folio and are not synonymous with Travelers' Notebook sizes)
  • Price points by size: A5 - $99.99 and A6 - 59.99
  • Each set includes a Folio, Key Fob, and Elastic Single Pen Quiver Closure
  • Limited quantities available only while supplies last (less than 100)



Customer Feedback



I purchased the Bennet and it’s beautiful! The markings are gorgeous. The Darcy leather is one of my favorites. I’m hoping I can snag a maverick in the future :). …this new one is just perfect for my Hobonichi cousin. It fits so well. The spine design is genius! I’m in love with this and don’t plan on moving out of it anytime soon. - KJ



…The inner liner was a bit stiff at first, and I had a little bit of trouble popping in my Hobonichi, then it didn't sit quite right. So I took the book out and ran my finger all around under the liner and voila! The folio now hugs my Hobonichi perfectly and snugly. I find myself picking up my A6 more because of the look and feel of the folio. I'm excited to see how the leather ages as I take it with me on my travels. I only recently discovered Chic Sparrow products, but now I understand what the hype is all about. You can tell they take great pride in the quality of their products. Each one is thoughtfully designed and created with love. -Jennifer



I received my E-Class Evanwood in the mail today, and I was not disappointed! Elegant is the first word that comes to mind. … I have a collection of Sparrows - all are well made and beautiful, but this is my absolute favorite. The design is perfect and the color is very rich. This is clearly a very high quality leather and is well constructed. I understand this leather scratches easily, but for me that will add to the charm of the cover. I am very happy I made this purchase! -Debbie


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