Your Second Chance to get a Second Chance

January 25th, 2019 

9 a.m. Pacific

One more Second Chance?! Yes, please!
Join us for a Second Chance sale finale that can’t be beat. Starting tomorrow January, 25th at 9 AM  the code SC2019 may be used as many times as you would like to save 25% on all Second Chance items. 
Didn't get quite everything with your first use of the code?
Maybe you just couldn’t risk an item selling out, or perhaps something else hastened your cart through checkout. Maybe since your first order, you added someone to your list, or you simply cannot pass up 25% off a Chic Sparrow. Whatever the reason, as I am sure we all have our own, I am excited to welcome you back this Friday and I hope you’re ready for some more fun!

What are the details?

Second Chance items are listed in a separate collection. Classic, Deluxe, Nano, Weekly, Composition, and Folio models are listed in this collection, along with a few Bags, Pouches, and Totes.

Use the discount code SC2019 for 25% off Second Chance items. This code must be entered and applied prior to completing payment information.

The Second Chance discount code will be valid for as many orders as you would like from 9 AM to Midnight Pacific Time on January, 25th. (until this time the code will remain a single-use code)

Can I choose?

You choose the model (classic or deluxe) and the size. The color and leather type will be selected at random.

Chic Sparrow’s Second Chance Sale ends tomorrow at midnight Pacific Time, but from nine in the morning, until midnight…place as many Second Chance orders as you would like using the 25% off code, SC2019.

I am so happy to be able to share this extended Second Chance with you! Click below to view the Second Chance Collection and I will see you at 9 AM!


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