Your Guide to the Patina Traveler's Notebook

by Ruth Henrickson January 11, 2017 0 Comments

In this blog, we’re going to go over the different options with the Patina line by answering commonly asked questions. We’ll go over all the designs currently available, and help you decide on the best sizes, fonts, and extras to best fit your unique piece.


1. What size of engraving should I choose?

To help you decide what would be the best size for your engraving, think first about the format you want your text to be in. Is it a poem with specific line breaks? If so, you will need to count the lines. A medium (2” X 3”) size engraving is best suited for most short poems and quotes, but if your inscription is greater than 3-4 lines, or you want the text larger, you will have to go up to the large size (4” X 5”). If you want your name on the cover, or perhaps a single word, the smallest engraving will do. 


  • The engraving dimensions do not reflect the size of the font, but rather the space the text takes up. Example: for the smallest engraving size (.5” by 2”), your text must inhabit a space that is at most .5” tall and at most 2” wide.


  • Let’s say you choose the medium size (2” X 3”), but your poem would fit better in a 3” X 2” shape: please notate on your order form that you want the format in a 3” X 2” versus 2” X 3”. 



Small Engraving (0.5” X 2”)

  • Names
  • One-liners
  • Initials


Medium Engraving (2” X 3”)

  • About 3-4 lines (depending on font & capitalization)


Large Engraving (4” X 5”)

  • Up to 7 Lines (depending on font and size of font)
  • Block quotes - wide


Extra Large (5” X 7”)

  • Book excerpts 
  • Speeches
  • Song lyrics


Spine (.5 X 4” or larger)

  • Journal title
  • Names


*If you want to get a spine engraving as well as a cover engraving, we will be happy to make that for you, but it would be best to place an order like that over the phone.


Text Space

These photos are to illustrate the different ways you can fit text in a small engraving size perimeter. Each text box in this photo is .5" X 2". 

  •  For the first photo, line breaks were included in the engraving message: 

    "Today is the day that / the Lord has made." 



  • Small quote or name:

  • There is space on either side of the quote, but not much space on the top and bottom. This text could be enlarged slightly before it would meet the top perimeter. 



Medium size engraving examples:

Additional medium engraving formatting options:




Large (4" by 5") on a pocket plus. 


Extra Large (5" by 7") 


2. How do I indicate text format on my order form?


Let us know where you want line breaks in your poems or quotes. Use a backslash to indicate line-breaks. "/" 



"Mary had a little lamb, / it’s fleece was white as snow. / Everywhere that Mary went, / her lamb was sure to go."


With the above indicated line breaks, the poem will look like this when it is engraved:


"Mary had a little lamb,

It’s fleece was white as snow.

Everywhere that Mary went,

her lamb was sure to go."


If you do not indicate line breaks, we will fit it together however we feel it looks best.


3. Which font should I choose?

You have 4 beautiful fonts to choose from. To get a feel for how your inscription will appear with any given font, look over the alphabet photos below.

 Most of our fonts look great in all caps lettering (should you choose to go LOUD) however, Freehand font is extremely difficult to read when engraved in all capital letters. See example below:

Freehand - all caps lettering, "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG". 


Freehand -  all caps and regular: 

4. Spell Check

Typos - Our team is pretty good at catching little “typos”, but still some slip through the cracks and we notice them on the finished product (sad day!). 

Capitalization - remember to check your engraving before submitting your order for words that should (or should not be) capitalized. 

Punctuate - Don’t forget to double check your punctuation!



double check

  1. typos
  2. capitalization
  3. punctuation

5. Are there formatting options for the Boho Chic Patina? 

The Boho Chic has a center text circle ranging from 1.5” (passport) to 4” diameter (composition). The surrounding leather is covered in a light and airy boho feather design. The circle diameter cannot be customized, however, it does vary depending on the size of notebook you order. The feather boho design is also not customizable. 


Text formatting with the Boho Chic:

  • The formatting for the text is fairly limited to the circular shape, but if you have specifics, make sure to notate them in your order notes and we’ll work with you.

In order to keep the text legible, we recommend using quotes that only have a few lines. If you have a text you want to use, but aren’t sure if it will fit properly, you can email us the text and we’ll let you know. 

  • Be sure to include any special instructions in your order notes. (Such as "Please put text in AR Blanca, and author's name in Ariel font." or "I want my first name on one line, my last name on the second line"). 

Boho Chic on a Composition size notebook (4" diameter text circle).



Boho Chic on an Patina Passport size notebook (1.5" diameter text circle).


Can I add text to the Into the Woods Patina collection? 


Yes! You can add text to the following set Patina designs: 

  • Into the Woods
  • Resting Fox

Make sure to specify in your notes on how you want the text to appear. For instance, "Please put [this portion of text] above the tree, and [this portion of text] below tree."



 Additional Q & A


  1. A while ago I noticed you did a few photo transfers on Patinas. Can you still do these? How do I order?
  2. Can request the center circle of the Boho Chic to be enlarged to accommodate my quote?
  3. Can I design my own artwork for the coverI want something on the spine and the front cover. How do I select these options on the product listing.
  4. I don't need a huge custom piece done, but I would like a little accent under the text, or a text border. Is that possible?
  5. My quote doesn't really fit in any of the engraving sizes. What should I do?
  6. I had a close friend draw me picture, and I want it engraved on my Patina. Is that an option?
  7. I found a cute image on Pinterest I want engraved on my leather. Is that possible? 



  1. With photo transfer, there are a lot of variables. Does the image have good contrast? Is it clear, and of good quality? We have found that it is very challenging to produce a photo transfer onto leather that is in line with the very differing expectations that exist. We no longer offer this feature. 
  2. The Boho Chic design cannot be modified to accommodate larger inscriptions.
  3. Absolutely! After you've finished the drawing, you can email it to customer service, and they will let you know if it will work with pyrography or not. Adding a custom design is an additional fee of $60. 
  4. If you need something small added to the cover under the text, please get in touch with customer service before you place your order. We'll be happy to work with you.
  5. Send the text you would like engraved to customer service in the format you wish it to appear on the leather. We'll get back to you with some ideas or tips to choose the right size.
  6. If your friend drew you a piece of artwork that you would like engraved onto leather, you will have to make sure you have their permission first, and credit them on the cover. It can be something small, like their initials hidden in the artwork. 
  7. Any image you will find on Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social media outlet, will probably be owned by someone else. We have to make sure you own the rights to whatever image you want to engrave onto leather. 




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Ruth Henrickson
Ruth Henrickson