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Hello everybody, I want to introduce you to my new line, it’s called the Patina.
Here's some of them, so if you'd like to take a closer look,
stay tuned!

I wanted to really quickly just go through my new a product line, which is the Patina. I love everything about this line, because the mobility, no -
the way I can customize it for you,
the things that can be done with it, and the way that it wears, which is so unique
to each one of you who use it. So I'm just going to dive in and start to show
you. I will flip the camera around at some point and give you an even closer
look, but for now I'm just going to show you in person. So the line is going
to look a lot like this. Now, this was a practice piece, and it does
have stitching, and it does have pockets on the inside, and I may add this option
at a later date. But this is our American Dream leather, and it is un-dyed.

So it's natural, and the more you use it, the darker that it will get.
I was told that if you live in the south, then your leather will darken faster
than if you live in the north. I haven't tried that out for myself, but,
given the state that Ali Brown's Buttered Rum is in, I'm inclined to
believe it. Because I have leather just as old as hers, and mine is not as dark,
so I think that you're if you're in the southern hemisphere, then your leather
will darken faster, but anyway. So this is one of them, and one of the things that I
can do with this leather is I can burn this leather. And because this
leather starts out so light, the contrast on the burning shows up very, very well.

So this is the leather I've chosen to do the burning on.
Here's one of the things, ok, so that is an ENTIRE poem burned onto the
front of the leather. And so, I know a lot of you are wishing there were more than
15 characters in your inscription, well, this leather makes that possible, and the burning makes that possible.
So that's definitely going to be an option, where you can put anything that
you would like (as long as it's not copy written), onto the front of your leather.
Some ideas for that could be one of your favorite old poems, as long as we can
credit the author, and maybe your favorite saying, maybe something you
wrote yourself. It could be anything, anything. So that's beautiful.

BOHO CHIC [3:31]
Then let's see, another thing that I did, ok, is the Boho-Chic line. Now, you can already tell the color difference between this and this. Ok? So this one has been
around a little bit longer. This is the Boho-Chic line, and it has feathers that go
all the way across, so the neat thing about this is, the center part (right here) can be almost anything you want it to be, which is awesome. So there's that one, and then I did two others, and I don't know if it's something I'm going to
offer, but if it' popular enough, and it's requested enough, I will. But I don't feel
like this design really fits in with my brand,
however, demand for it will make it fit in with my brand. But there's this
design here, which I designed. So all of these that you're seeing, I put
together and designed them for this leather. And it's all the way around, and this
thing here [center] can be completely customizable, of course. This is the
B6 size, which is a new size for me. Ok so I'm going to talk about that in a second, but here's another one, and you can see that this one is even darker. This is one that I made for myself, for my birthday, and I put my name on it on the spine, and this is Volume 40 because this year I'm 40 and this is my journal. So, this is being in love with your life, and it has roses around the corners. And then Ali brown, for my birthday, made me this [charm] and I just thought it was so pretty, and it has these little roses on it so I just, I love this. I love the way it feels.That's what it looks like all across. So this is a wide because people always ask me what size this is, wide, because that's the size I always use. And I have another one here, that I just want to show you so that you kind of get an idea - I'm dropping things. My lap is only so big; but anyway, this is another one, and it is a big one, and the design goes all the way around, and these feathers are burned into it. So they’re never going to fade away. They're not going to wear off. It's burned into the leather permanently, so a gorgeous, gorgeous work. And then… well I'm not trying to be prideful. But I love the way that turned out, and
hopefully you will too.


And then another (new to me) size, is passport size. This is a practice one, I have moved this over now, I moved it over because I got it wrong, but this is the cute little passport size. And the design, it goes all the way around, and that's what it looks like on the inside. Just cute little passport, so anyway. Let me tell you, in this line, I have a bunch of new sizes that are new to me, not necessarily new to you, but new to me. And I'm offering them in this line only right now because, the way my company is set up, is adding a new size, is not just as simple as adding a new size. It's actually quite complicated - so I'm only doing it in this line, and if requests come for more leathers, then I will add them as they gain popularity. But I just showed you the passport size. Ok, and this will come in the normal passport which is slim like this one, and a wider version as well.

The next one is the Pocket Plus. Ok so you’ll be able to have Passport
normal, and then Passport Plus, and this is a Pocket Plus. Because it is so
wide, you do have the option of having a leather wrap strap, instead of an elastic,
because the elastic, this has a lot of room for more, like you
can see right here. The elastic kind of, doesn't really hold it that well. So I decided I decided to do a leather wrap strap, which, I think is super cute with this design, anyway, so that holds it nice and secure, and keeps everything in. And I just think it looks super Boho Chic, and you can add a little bead onto the end if you want, and then it just fits right there.

B6 SIZE 9:17
And let's see, what else is a new size... Oh, so the B6, of course, which is what this is. Now, the inserts on a b6 are 5 x 7, and this is not a b6 slim, this is a regular full-size b6 notebook. So it's basically a "short" wide, because it's the same size as the wide is, just shorter. So I really like that.


Another new to me size which isn't exactly "new to me", but it's coming back, I guess. It is the largest size I do, which is the Composition Book size, which is this
one right here. And the reason why I brought this back, is because it's my
daughter's favorite size for school. She uses one of these for school, actually
uses two of them, and rather than having a school binder, she uses composition
books like these. I use them too. And so, these are composition books, you can
find them on amazon.com, if you like this style. So that's this one.
Now, this one took a long time to make, like a really long time to make because it's so big, and I think, to keep it affordable, I may only do the front and leave the back part blank, because it took a really long time to finish that one.

Really quick, I just want to say that burning the leather does give the leather another type of aroma, and some people may not like it. I personally like the way it smells. I think it smells like like a fire pit, I guess? Like campfire. My husband does not like the way it smells at all, and when I'm burning the leather, he leaves the room because he doesn't like it. So keep that in mind when you order, that it's
not going to smell like normal leather because it has been burned. It will
have that 'burnt' smell to it, so I just wanted to disclose that up front so that
you know, and you're not expecting something, and then disappointed with what
you receive. They're beautiful, and I think that they are, they’re worth the smell which, I really like the way it smells. This is the first design, which is the Boho Chic design and I will have more designs coming out

I would love your suggestions for what the designs should be. If you
could leave comments below, and tell me your ideas, I would love to have
your suggestions for that. So, you guys, enjoy the up close
look, and thanks for watching. I will talk to you next time!

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