What are these cracks on the inside of my Pemberley?

June 14, 2017 0 Comments

What are these cracks on the inside of my Pemberley?

As you know, full grain leather is full of natural beauty marks and blemishes. From time to time, you may notice small "cracks" in the flesh-side of your leather (flesh side refers to the underside of your cover).

 These little cracks are more apparent in the Pemberley collection because the Pemberley has a colorful "mossing" which covers the flesh side of the leather.

The mossing is purely aesthetic. The color mossing is applied to the flesh side of the Pemberley leather during production, to match the front cover color.

The "cracks" or "tears" will usually be found where there are small vein scars. The veins create small indents in your leather, like little rivers. 

The "rivers" create tiny indents in the flesh-side of your leather. 


You may see small rips or tears in the mossing where the veining is located as your leather is bent, used, & loved.

If you see these little tears in the flesh side of your leather, do not be alarmed. They are evidence that your leather is full-grain, the highest quality of leather you can get. 

These vein markings will not affect the durability or longevity of your leather, and will not require any special treatment or handling.

*Photographer purposefully bent the leather to encourage the veining to show for photos*

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