Voted to be Most-Loved: Creme Leather

The Creme leather has been a staple since Chic Sparrow first started in 2014. 

It comes in three colors: Creme Brulee, Chocolate, & Black Beauty. 

The character profile of this leather can be found on our Youtube channel, but let me just spoil it for you: this leather is EVERYTHING you could want in a rustic leather.  

Softness, texture, smooth, flexible, firm...  am I contradicting myself? 

  I don't want to get carried away. I want you to know that this leather has MUCH variation and if you are ordering a set, you must expect that each piece will differ from the next. I understand that not EVERYONE will appreciate these variations, and as we all have different tastes and preferences, the Creme isn't for everyone.

For an example of leather variation per hide, check out this video:



Why do people love the Creme so much? 

  • Thickness
  • Scent 
  • The way it ages
  • Texture and variation 


The Creme leather ranges from about 3.2-3.6 mm, which is approximately .75 times thicker than the Mr. Darcy leather. The Creme has a nice "squish" with a soft hand-feel. 


The scent of the Creme leather is rich and smokey. 

The Way it Ages

The Creme leather ages beautifully. While the Creme can be a little firm at first, over time it becomes very buttery and soft. Sometimes the Creme leather will develop a sheen to the surface which allows the color and tone to appear rich and saturated. 

Texture and Variation

Creme leather can be quite "pebbly", or very smooth, and everywhere in between. 

Generally, textured Cremes will be more flexible than smooth ones. 


NOTE: because of how much this leather varies, we can never guarantee a specific variation; however, we encourage you to use your order notes when ordering  this leather if you have a preference.

How do I request pebbly leather?

A simple order note like this will help the team know what you're going for: "I would really enjoy a piece with lots of pebbles if possible"

If we do not have a piece with lots of pebbles, we will go for the most textured piece we have in that size. 

How do I request smooth leather?

"As smooth as possible". It is rare for the Creme to be perfectly smooth, but we will always do our very best. 

If we do not have a smooth piece, we'll go for the smoothest piece we can find. 

What if I want to be surprised?  

If you want to be surprised, then simply do not add an order note. We will always choose you a beautiful piece. 


Important Disclaimer: 

Texture descriptions are very subjective. We do not guarantee order notes, but we always take them into consideration when choosing your piece. 


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