Unicorns & Wishes

Have you ever seen a notebook that was so ugly it was good? 

Chic Sparrow occasionally develops products that are one-offs, unique beyond description, bizarre, or ugly. These products, side by side with prototypes and Outlaws, have come to be known as ‘unicorns’. Something special that is only available once or in limited quantity. 

We want to make these products available to you and now there is a way. Introducing the Chic Sparrow $1 auctions! There is a new "For Auction" collection where items up for auction will be posted. 

Other auction details so far:

  • You must be signed in to your account to participate
  • All bids will start at $1
  • Specific auction items will be depicted in product photos (what you see is what you get)
  • Up to 5 items a week will be up for auction
  • Winners will be notified via email
  • Won items must be purchased within 24 hours
  • All auction items are final sale without the option to return
  • Shipping and handling fees are calculated separately 
  • We do our best to represent colors as accurately as possible in product photos, however, slight variation of tint is a natural outcome and some color distortion can be caused by the calibration of your monitor

Have a list of products that you anticipate purchasing? Want to keep these organized in a place that you can reference, share with friends, and even share on social media?

I am happy to announce another new feature at Chic Sparrow- the Wishlist! No longer is there a need to add items to your cart for safe keeping. Simply select ‘add to wishlist’ or click the ‘heart’ icon beneath the ‘add to cart’ button while viewing a specific product and size to add it to your wishlist! 

I am so excited to explore these new options with you. These auctions seem to me to hold the possibility of becoming a bit intense, but let’s just remember that this is fun and if we keep it clean and respectable it will stay that way. The wishlist is in my mind, a wonderful tool for planning your favorites and sharing them with others for comparing, or for gift ideas. 

Please remember you must be signed into your account for the auction and wishlist to work properly. In closing, these are brand new features so please bear with us if you experience any glitches with the processes. Customer service will be standing by to correct any issues. Also, please don’t hesitate to share your experience and feedback with us. We are always eager to hear!

Thank you for reading.

View the Auction collection

Join the conversation in our Chic Sparrow community Facebook group: Chic Sparrow Inc. 2.0 

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