The Waypoint Collection

Have you experienced our Waypoint leather in the Totes, Pouches, or Notebooks made from it? If you have, then you will notice some tempting new options, and if you have not yet, well we can fix that right now!
It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Waypoint Rich Caramel, and Quiet Tan. Two alternate shades to accompany our Rustic Brown and Vintage Black selections.
Staying true to the buttery soft feel and rich pull-up quality that it has become loved for, the addition of the Rich Caramel and Quiet Tan creates a modestly full spectrum in the Waypoint Collection.
Smoosh, bend, flop, toss and sniff…this Waypoint is what I imagine when I think “leather”…and I know it will stand up to a lifetime of use, as full grain leather does.

What will be offered in these new Waypoint colors?

From Pouches to Nanos and more, any product currently made from the Waypoint leather will now be offered in all four colors.



Click below to shop the Waypoint Collections and explore these fresh tones. Your new favorite may be waiting for you!



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