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The Tiffany Leather

The Tiffany Leather

The latest limited edition release from Chic Sparrow is almost ready to make its way into your hands!
The Tiffany leather will be making its appearance in the limited edition collection on September 23rd, between 10 & 11 AM Pacific Time.

Naturally Distressed​​​​​​​

This leather shows a wide range of variation & natural distressing. If markings and unique characteristics are your thing, then you are going to love the Tiffany leather. The pieces that I have seen show small somewhat uniform pebbling on the surface, reminiscent of the Waypoint Collection. A soft suede-like interior also shows a range of variation and naturally distressed qualities. Flexible, thin, and light, scratches or markings on the Tiffany leather show in the same light powder blue of the subtle pull-up surrounding bends and creases.

What do I mean by naturally distressed?

To name a few characteristics, I have seen scars, mole scars, lighter spots, darker spots, and even unique dye tones where a range mark was located. These qualities combine into a beautiful array and add an unmatched uniqueness to each item.

Limited Stock Available

Approximately 75 items will be available, divided amongst Cascades, Folios, and Bags. As well as a limited number of small leather goods.


I know I am! 

I will see you at Chic Sparrow Wednesday, September 23rd between 10 & 11 AM Pacific Time for the launch of the Tiffany leather.

Thank you for reading & I will see you soon at Chic Sparrow!

Luke S.

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