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The New Crème

The New Crème

Did you miss the new Huckleberry Crème during Chic Sparrow's recent pre-order launches? Perhaps you're eager to snag another? 
I am happy to announce that the time has come!
This leather will be made available again next week from 6 AM Pacific Time until 1 PM Pacific Time each day.
For all pre-order items, we ask for a 15 business day turnaround period. 
The pre-order listings look a bit different than a regular listing. Once you select a model, you will then be able to select the size you would like and the price will be calculated at that time. Nanos and Weekly Calendar Covers will be listed as size options within the Deluxe model listings.
New Waypoint colors will follow once we have assessed the remaining inventory. I will be sure to let you know ahead of time when to expect them. Read on for important details.

The pre-order will begin at 6 AM Pacific Time and end at 1 PM Pacific Time each day for 1 week.

For example, the Creme Huckleberry pre-order will be live from 6 AM to 1 PM on October 14th, and again from 6 AM to 1 PM on October 15th and so on until Friday, October 18th.

Remember, Weekly Calendar Covers and Nanos are listed as sizes under the Deluxe models.

  • October 14th - 18th = Crème Huckleberry in E-Class, Folios, Classic, & Deluxe models

Important Details:

We ask for a 15 business day turnaround for all pre-orders. Weekly Calendar Covers and Nanos will be listed as a size option within the Deluxe model listings.

I am happy that this new color is able to return so quickly! I can't wait to start making these again and I will see you next week when it begins.

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