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The End Of An Odyssey

The End Of An Odyssey

The winds of change are blowing at Chic Sparrow and I'm excited about all the new designs and upcoming leather colors joining the collections this summer.

Anytime a design is retired, it's making room for something new at Chic Sparrow. The latest to make this transition will be the Odyssey Collection. 

The Odyssey Collection is being retired and all Odyssey notebooks are now available only while supplies last. If you were wanting to snag one or two more, now is the time. As a small business, we have some limitations on the amount of handcrafted, custom markings that we are able to offer. 

Thank you for loving the Odyssey notebooks. I know that they will hold a unique place in your collection for years to come. 


As the Odyssey moves towards retirement the Hemingway Collection will be here to offer a unique artisan option. Its gradient distressing and adventuresome look better fits Jennifer's vision for Chic Sparrow.

Please also keep in mind that any retiring leather colors will become unavailable in all collections once supplies have been exhausted. Leathers that will be leaving include, Violet (Calypso, Kilimanjaro), Sweet Pea (Artemis, Paris), Titanic (Hera, Key West), and Wickham (Perseus, Oak Park).

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