Start to Finish: Sending Sparrows out of the Nest




There is nothing quite as satisfying as being a part of the creation and fulfillment of a Sparrow order start to finish. I'm going to walk you through the process from order placement to order shipment.

When we receive an order, the first thing that happens is an automatic Order Confirmation email that gets sent to your inbox (whichever email is attached to your account or entered by you at checkout). This confirmation is sent to you for your records and it is also the last chance to identify any mistakes/typos before the order is finalized at our shop.

Orders are printed out the business day after they are placed. For example, if an order is placed on Monday, it is printed on Tuesday. If an order is placed on Saturday, it is printed the following Monday.

 After you place your order with us there is a 12-hour "grace period" for edits/cancelations. After that point, the order is printed and put out on the floor with all the other orders for this week to be finished up in a timely manner.  

Here are a few examples of things we can do for you in the first 12 hours should the need arise:

1. Add order note

2. Remove an item from the order

3. Change color of item (if desired item is in stock)

To keep things running along smoothly in the workshop, here are 2 things we cannot do after an order is placed. Thank you for understanding: 

1. Add coupon code 

2. Add additional items to order*

 *for your personal financial safety, private financial information is not saved on file and cannot be charged again after the initial order has been placed. 

After your order is printed:


Engravings are done first (if applicable) then edging, inspecting, and finishing touches. 

Your order will make its visit to each station as necessary, and continue on until it reaches the shipping department (you're almost there!) 

Each piece is handled with the utmost care. Easily marked leathers, such as the Mr. Darcy, are handled with extra TLC.

Odyssey orders have their own station to keep them away from the other leathers. At any point in the day you can see artists bent studiously over their work, studying order notes and (carefully) flinging dye. 

Right before the shipping department, orders are inspected by a full-time QC manager. 

So now you've reached the shipping department (phwew)! Orders are organized by date and inspected a second time for accuracy. 

Once an order reaches the shipping queue, it may still have a little wait ahead. We can only ship so many orders a day (our mailman has learned to park his truck near by). We always try to make your wait time as short as possible without scrimping on quality and accuracy and we know you appreciate that! 

 So now your order is at the end of the line about to say farewell to us forever. It's been fun, little guy. Fly on. 


All of the items in the order are carefully accounted for and wrapped up in our neat little soft cloth bags. Smaller items may be wrapped in brown kraft paper. 

The order is put in a shipping envelope or box, depending on the size and the weight of the order. Finally, a shipping label is printed.

For those who do not know, "Unfulfilled" means "Unshipped". As soon as the label is printed, the order is then marked as Fulfilled.


At this time we send a shipping confirmation with tracking information to your inbox. The confirmation will either tell you your order has shipped, or that your order is scheduled for shipment and this message depends on the time of day here at our shop (our mailman comes at around 2:45pm, Pacific). 

Well folks, that is it!  

 Watch this fun time-lapse video Britta made of an entire day of shipping here at Chic Sparrow:






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