Navigating Chic Sparrow Online

If you are new to Chic Sparrow, or still have some questions about our website, here is some information that you m...

Second Chance Sale: If you enjoy surprises, this is for you!

Sale coming up on June 1st, 2018 9 AM PST!

How to Restring your Pocket Plus Notebook

Want to restring your pocket plus the same way we do? Here's how!      

Restore Shine with Shoe Polish?

      Some things to remember before trying this at home:    Wearing thin, latex or nitrile gloves will help protect...

Red Leather Comparisons

The many tones of our different red leathers!  Textures & tones vary per piece, but we hope you find this short...

Brown Leather Comparisons

Check out this short video comparing the many beautiful tones of brown.  Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube chan...

Mr. Darcy Leather Profile

The Mr. Darcy is a favorite here at Chic Sparrow. It is best known for its soft, impressionable nature.  The Mr. ...

Creme Leather Profile

The Creme is a long-standing favorite at Chic Sparrow. There are about 3 basic texture variations you will see with...

New Heights in Narrow and Wide

Hello, everyone! We are so grateful for everyone in this wonderful, creative community. Part of what makes a good com...

Outlander Leather Profile

  The Outlander leather in these finishes will be available while supplies last.   Thank you so much for watching! A...
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