Hi, folks! I thought I'd take a minute and talk about shipping. We have updated our courier option availability for certain areas, and want to make sure you're all aware of why.



Chic Sparrow provides multiple shipping options through USPS & UPS. 


If you are not certain whether the option you are considering is insured or not, please visit the USPS or UPS website for details (depending on the courier in question). Chic Sparrow does not insure packages, however, insured options are available for you at checkout. An example of an insured shipping option would be Priority USPS which insures their packages up to $100 in most cases.


All claims must be filed with the courier, or taken up with your local postal service authority.


Here is some information on USPS shipping:

USPS does not require First Class mail to be scanned for tracking purposes in the US or abroad.
They typically DO provide tracking in the US, but they are not required to, and rarely update tracking once the package leaves the USA. There is no insurance for First Class mail. Items that are lost or wrongly delivered by the postal service are not compensated for.

This is why we encourage our customers to choose Priority mail*. As of August 1st 2016, the benefits for Priority Mail are this:

-Up to $100 insurance (claims must be filed with courier, varies per delivery details)
-Tracking from dispatch through delivery
-Inquiry systems for the location of all Priority Mail packages
-More prompt delivery (2-3 business days usually, domestically).**

*We recommend choosing an insured courier for orders over $75.

**Delivery estimate is the based on the estimated delivery time AFTER your order has been shipped. We ask that you allow us a week or so to finish and prepare your items BEFORE shipment.

It is completely up to you - and if you have no trouble receiving First Class mail where you live, then by all means! We understand shipping can be spendy. We just want to provide this information so you are aware.


UPS has insurance on many of their shipping options. Please visit the UPS website for more information.

 Lost or Stolen Packages (excerpt from FAQ) 

Chic Sparrow highly recommends using insured couriers, as we cannot be held accountable for lost or stolen packages. All claims must be filed with the courier, or taken up with your local postal service authority.

Thank you!

Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

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