Second Chance Sale: If you enjoy surprises, this is for you!


Second Chance Mystery Sale January 29th 2018 @9:00 am Pacific Time


 Chic Sparrow Grab Bag Event: The Element of Surprise!

In this grab bag event, you will select a size and model (i.e. Pocket, Classic or Deluxe). You'll leave the choosing of color/leather up to us.  Each item will be listed at regular price, but you will be given a discount to use which will save you 25% off. NOTE: there will be 3 listings, one for Classic models, one for Deluxe models, and one for Nanos. All three of these listings will not be visible until the time of the sale (9am Pacific). At that time, the listings for Classic, Deluxe, and Nanos will be found in the Second Chance collection here

You choose the size (i.e. "A5") and you also choose the model (i.e. "Deluxe" or "Classic"). We choose the leather type/color. That's the surprise! 

Traveler's Notebooks

This sale is for Traveler's Notebooks only. There are different styles, colors, and leathers in the collection, but remember: the leather type and color is up to us. It's a great way to try out a new size at a discount! We will feature sizes Passport-A5 in Classic models, and sizes Pocket-A5 in Deluxe models. There will also be a few Composition and Trifold sizes in the Classic collection. There are limited quantities of each size and model, so the Second Chance Sale Listing will be up while supplies lasts. We take it down after the sale, to avoid causing confusion. 


  • AS IS -  we cannot customize these items (stitching, inscription, & pen loops will not be available, although some of the classic items come with them already). There will be no returns or exchanges for items purchased during this sale. 
  • Some notebooks have inscriptions, although we will cover personal names, initials, and all full names. To cover those types of inscriptions, we attach a small leather plaque to the book (using antiqued rivets) with a universally enjoyed quote or saying. 

  • NO LIMIT - There is no limit on how many items you can purchase, but remember: you will be given a single use code, so make sure to order everything on a SINGLE ORDER to get the savings. We will not be able to retroactively combine orders or add discount codes. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: ORDERING MORE THAN 1 MAY RESULT IN GETTING DUPLICATE LEATHERS/STYLES. 
  • REQUESTS - No special requests will be granted. You choose the size and model, we choose the leather and color. You are free to include notes on your order, but we do not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill any special requests. 
  • MUST USE CODE TO GET DISCOUNT. The rules are pretty straight forward on this one: no discount code = no discount. 


What makes a Second Chance a Second Chance? 

There are many reasons a book is added to the Second Chance bin, but the bottom line is this: we will give you a perfectly functioning notebook. We do not send unusable books.


It could be that the leather was retired, and few we had left on the shelf we added to the SC bin. Sometimes it's because an inscription didn't turn out, in which case we cover the inscription with a little leather plaque (if the engraving is personal). 

The book may have a stitch out of place, or a dye discoloration. In some cases, the book is considered "Second Chance" if we added the wrong style of pen loop. For instance, a customer requests a stitched-on pen loop, and we accidentally added a riveted pen loop.

Maybe it's a leather from a limited run that we no longer carry online. 

Sometimes the leather has natural cuts that go a little deeper than the surface. We don't send these out in regular orders, but it's still a perfectly functioning book that will last for years and years and we add it to the second chance bin. If a cut affects the usability of a notebook, we do not send it even in the Second Chance sale.

Occasionally the leather manufacture leaves numbers on the flesh side of leather that count the square feet of a hide. We now "Second Chance"these them. 





See our other terms and conditions

Questions? Please contact customer service at 

  • (509) 325-7206





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