Second Chance October 8th

Second Chance 
October 8th, 2018 
9 a.m. PST

A beautiful notebook hand-made from luxurious full-grain leather nears the moment of truth. Almost ready to be shipped out into the hands of a loving home. Wait, what is this? A small blemish on the cover? Such a wonderful notebook, perfectly functional, it deserves a second chance.

Whether it be a scar, dent, ding, blemish, an engraving, or it was exchanged out of style or color preference, these second chance notebooks are ready for use.

Perfection sounds so wonderful, perfection is a great aim, but perfection can be untrue to life. As the knot in the trunk of a tree can be seen as an imperfection to some, to others it presents the plant's natural face, giving it personality and charm. 

Adopt one of these unique notebooks into your collection, allowing it to fulfill its purpose as a functioning Travelers’ Notebook.

When is the sale?

This Second Chance sale will begin at 9 a.m. PST on October 8th. 

What are the details?

Second Chance items will be listed in a separate collection. Classic, Deluxe, Nano, and Weekly models will be listed within this collection.

A discount code for 25% off Second Chance notebooks will be shared before the sale. This code must be entered prior to completing payment information.

All Classic model Second Chance notebooks will be pre-marked at 25% off, making it possible to receive a total savings of 50% off a Classic notebook with use of the discount code. This will also make it possible to combine the pre-marked 25% off Classic models with a personal rewards code or other discount code.

All Deluxe models will be capped at a total savings of 25% off with the use of the Second Chance discount code.

The Second Chance discount code will only be valid for one use per person. However, you may place as many orders as you would like.

Can I choose?

You choose the model (classic or deluxe) and the size. The color and leather type will be selected at random.

We are so excited about these notebooks finding a home with you. See you there!

Some customer quotes from previous Second Chance sales...


I can't say enough about the beauty of this notebook. If this is a second, I cannot imagine what a first might look like. The leather grain, color and suppleness is delicious. I'm in love!” -Elizabeth



I ordered a B6 slim because I thought the B6 was sold out and to my surprise what I received in the mail was so beautiful. I got the Pemberley English Rose in B6 slim and I absolutely love it!! I will cherish this beauty for as long as I can. This was my first purchase and I couldn't be more happy. As a new mommy I needed more notebooks. Thank you so much!”  -Sheneka



I love it!!!! This is my third travelers notebook from Chic Sparrow. The leather is gorgeous and smells wonderful. My notebooks fit perfectly, so satisfied!”  -Linda

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