Second Chance 2019

January 21st

9 a.m. PST

Be sure to enter the code SC2019 for 25% off your second chance items!








It’s January 21st just after 9 o’clock A.M. and a bell is ringing…Wasn’t there something special happening today? 


The time has come again for a sale full of surprises and I am already excited for you to receive yours! These fully functional 2nd chance notebooks exude character.
They show some or many of the unique markings known to full grain leather. After all, this world is real, not perfect. These are things we celebrate here at Chic Sparrow and I can’t wait for some of these items to find a home with you.

Whether it be a scar, dent, ding, blemish, an engraving, or it was exchanged out of style or color preference, these second chance notebooks are ready for use and each notebook is certain to surprise! 

I look forward to you joining us for this fun event. 
Please scroll down for details and let’s home some Sparrows!


When is the sale?

This Second Chance sale will begin at 9 a.m. PST on January 21st and will continue through Friday, January 25th.

What are the details?

Second Chance items will be listed in a separate collection. Classic, Deluxe, Nano, Weekly, Composition, and Folio models will be listed in this collection, along with a few Bags, Pouches, and Totes.

A discount code for 25% off Second Chance items will be shared before the sale. This code must be entered prior to completing payment information.

The Second Chance discount code will only be valid for one use per person. 

Can I choose?

You choose the model (classic or deluxe) and the size. The color and leather type will be selected at random.



Some customer quotes from previous Second Chance sales...


My first time participating in the Second Chance Sale and my first Sparrow purchases. I received an Odyssey Siren Pocket Plus (not a color I gave a second glance to in the Odyssey color way) and I am unequivocally 100% delighted with it! Ink stains and rings are perfectly proportioned and placed and if there is a flaw on it - I cannot find one. It makes a perfect coordinated companion to the Second Chance Pemberly Angel Nano I also got. Will definitely take the leap to participate in a Second Chance Sale again."                        - P D Campbell


Found my absolute favorite notebook from a 2nd Chance sale! I took a "chance" and got a beautiful Mr. Darcy Toffee and I am so in love! I haven't moved out of it since January. It gets better everyday. I'm not sure what I will do once my new 2nd Chance notebook comes. Such a great opportunity to try a new size you might be wondering about, or maybe just can't decide on a leather or a color and need to have a new notebook to make up your mind. Great to get a beautiful piece at a discount! Thanks, Chic Sparrow."   - Bethany


All I can say is beautiful"   - Angie


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