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Introducing a new Traveler's Notebook in a Familiar Leather

Introducing a new Traveler's Notebook in a Familiar Leather

The Name

    1. a stopping place on a journey 
    2. a predetermined geographical position that is defined in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates


This leather is new to our Traveler's Notebook collection, however, it's been a favorite at Chic Sparrow for a long, long time. We have crafted Traveler's Notebooks from the same luxurious leather used for our Rustic Brown and Vintage Black bags. 

It is interesting to experience a leather that is both candidly unrefined and classically elegant at the same time. If Bilbo Baggins ever carried a Traveler's Notebook, I'm just going to say, it was probably Waypoint. 

Introducing: Waypoint Traveler's Notebook Collection

Waypoint launches July 23rd @ 9 am Pacific and will be restocked daily.
Our new Waypoint traveler's notebook collection is made with oil-tanned leather and has a strong pull-up quality, meaning, it will change color when folded and worked.

Waypoint leather currently comes in two colors, Vintage Black and Rustic Brown.

They are the same leathers used for most of our bag collection including (but not limited to) the Rustic Tote, Lara Bag, Breezy Tote, and Simple Pouches


Classic sizes: Passport through A5 available on launch day 

Deluxe sizes: Pocket through A5 with matching stitching available on launch day

Specialty sizes: Weekly Calendar Covers with matching stitching available on launch day and Nanos will be updated with matching stitching soon after that 




Things you should know about this leather:


  1. You don't need to condition Waypoint
  2. This leather is oil-treated to ensure a long life: but keep it separate from light-colored objects to prevent any transfer of oils 
  3. Surface scratches can be massaged out with your thumb or finger
  4. Currently, this is the "floppiest" leather in our shop
  5. Waypoint has enormous character and its marked by natural scars, texture variation, color variation, and other eccentricities 

1. Cleaning & Conditioning

Maintenance is very easy with the Waypoint, as it is for our bags made with the same leather. To clean the Waypoint leather, simply go over it lightly with a baby wipe or leather cleaner (always test cleaning and conditioning products on an inconspicuous area of your journal, or a leather sample). You can condition your Waypoint if you’d like, however, no more than once or twice a year.


2. Oil Transfer

This rustic, deeply conditioned leather is steeped in oil during the curing process. Because of the high oil content, you could experience oil transfer to paper products or light colored objects. This transfer usually occurs when something touches this leather for an extended period of time. For this reason, we recommend using dashboards over your paper inserts to protect the paper from absorbing oil.

3. Scratch Test

Waypoint leather scratches very easily, however, because Waypoint is such a richly oil-tanned leather, you can warm surface scratches with your finger or thumb and easily massage them out.




4. Structure & Hand-feel

Waypoint leather is incredibly soft and would be considered “floppy” by most standards. This leather will easily stay open when you plan out your day or have a writing session. This also means that Waypoint leather has very little structure on its own, and you may experience puckering near elastics. [insert photo of puckering leather to show structure]

5. Rustic Beauty

While both colors are very rugged, the Rustic Brown, being a lighter color, shows a lot more character than the Vintage Black. In the photo below you can see what is called the "pull-up" quality which can be seen when the leather is folded or worked. For more information regarding the pull-up effect, watch this short video


Spills & Bad Weather Care Instructions:

The high oil content within the Waypoint leather helps repel moisture in humid weather. If water is spilled on your Waypoint, do not try to blot the water off. Remove contents from your notebook and lay it out flat to dry 12-24 hours - spill-side up. After drying completely you can gently buff the leather with your hands or a soft cloth to help blend any darker areas.  


Thank you for reading! 


Here's a tip:

Leather samples are a great way to experience a leather's unique attributes in person before making a decision. Waypoint leather samples can be found here. Leather samples are a great way to experience a leather's unique attributes in person before making a decision. 

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