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Retiring Sparrows

Retiring Sparrows

Pssst! I thought you’d like to know...
At some point, you’ve crossed paths with Odyssey, Pemberley, or Mr. Darcy. Just in case it’s one of your favorites, I’m writing to let you know this may be your last chance to snag one of these retiring Sparrows.

We’re saying farewell to Sweet Pea, Violet, Titanic, and Toffee leather from the Mr. Darcy collection (Toffee was pre-announced and is already out of stock). 

Honey, from the Pemberley collection

Artemis, Hera, Calypso, and Athena from the Odyssey collection.


We have limited sizes/models in these leathers which will be available online only while supplies last.

Check out remaining “retiring” products by clicking here!


What’s next?

New colors in Mr. Darcy, Pemberley, and Odyssey are soon to be revealed. 


REMINDER:  If you ever see your favorite leather on the nix-list, just know, it takes a lot of thinking & planning (even a few tears!) before decisions like these are made. We take into consideration popularity, leather-availability, customer feedback, etc., all that stuff.
Thank you for your awesome support and please let us know how we can serve you by emailing customer service:

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