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Retired Odyssey Sale

Retired Odyssey Sale

Must use this special code to receive your savings of 25% off Siren and retired Odysseys: OD25 

Valid 4/16/18 only, beginning 9 am Pacific. Valid towards Classic and Deluxe RETIRED Odyssey notebooks and Classic and Deluxe Siren Odyssey and retired Odyssey Nanos. Not valid towards Weekly Calendar covers or Personal Secretary Kits. Not valid towards other, currently available Odyssey notebooks.


We're bringing select Odyssey colors out from retirement for one last hurrah. We're making it extra sweet by offering a 25% off discount code on these special, retired leathers. 

In addition, we're allowing the code to work on Siren Odyssey (which is NOT retired!). 

We won't have every size, however, everything we have in retired Odyssey colors will be posted online the day of the sale. You'll see some of the following in limited supplies April 16th:


  • Poseidon (black)
  • Prometheus (red)
  • Elysium (green)
  • Midas (yellow)
  • Penelope (burgundy)
  • Zeus (gray)



To keep our processing time low, the Odyssey edges are pre-antiqued. You will not be able to request extra edge dye, or NO edge dye, because the edges are already finished. They've been finished in a subtle, gradient antique finish. You will, however, be able to add ink drops and cup rings, just like normal, as well as engravings. You will also be able to add secretarial pockets on the Classic Odysseys, just like normal, although, the Classic models are extremely limited in all colors. 


Tips for getting your order in: 


  1. Test your internet connection and browser to ensure it works on our website with your device
  2. Before the sale starts, make sure you have an account with a current shipping address to avoid having to fill it in at checkout
  3. Have payment info at hand
  4. Be online right at 9 am pst
  5. Remember: adding an item to your cart does not save it for more than a moment. When there are lots of folks online, it can seem like you added the item to cart when in fact the cookies in your browser have not updated. The best thing to do is just add the item to your cart and checkout as quickly as possible. 

Some things to keep in mind:

We try our very hardest to make your experience a good one, but sadly, there are some limits to our powers:

  1. We cannot combine shipments with multiple order numbers 
  2. We cannot add items to orders or increase the size of the book that was originally ordered
  3. We cannot retroactively add discount codes to orders that are already placed

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