Personalization: A New Realm of Possibilities



Three lines?

Whether your message is short and sweet or 3 lines long: we have your unique personalization covered.




  • For the first time ever you will have the option to personalize your favorite Odyssey & Pelican leathers
  • Inscriptions will last as long as your leather and will not "pop" out 
  • Personal messages will contrast beautifully with lighter colored leathers 
  • Personal messages will be inlayed and dynamic on darker leathers
  • Some special characters will be allowed* 

    ★ ☾ ♥

*If there is some special character you would like to have engraved, please contact us BEFORE placing your order and we would be happy to discuss options with you.


Gabrielle and Aubrey are two fonts that will replace our current inscription options and will be available for all of the collections**
Gabrielle is closest to our Hot-Press Goudy Cursive, although the characters in Gabrielle do not have the same gothic swirls and frills as the Goudy Cursive. 

Aubrey is most similar to Pen Bold, although slightly more bubbly. 


Flat Rate Pricing:

$14.99 for 1, 2, or 3 lines


 **Notebooks that cannot be inscribed: Nanos, Retiring leathers, Sidekicks, Hand Tooled, and Specialty Items. 




  • Choose 1, 2, or 3 lines
  • Choose from 2 beautiful fonts (options may change with seasons) 
  • 15 characters per line including punctuation, spaces, and special characters



Example: 1 Line Inscription

  1. Inscription: "Loved." in Aubrey Font 
  2. Leather: Angel Pemberley Classic 




Example: 2 Line Inscription 

  1. Inscription: "Day Dreams" in Aubrey Font
  2. Leather: Amaretto Mr. Darcy Classic 


Example: 3 Line Inscription

  1. Inscription: "Always find your happy place" in Gabrielle Font
  2. Leather: Creme Brûlée Classic

 Examples of leather type:



Mr. Darcy Burgundy

Pemberley Fern


Creme Brûlée 


Outlander Browncoat



Mr. Darcy Ink


Mr. Darcy Buttered Rum 

Q & A: 

Will the hot-press design still be available? 

  • No, the pyrography will replace the current options. If you do not like the fonts we have available in Pyro, please feel free to reach out and talk with us. We may be able to find something similar to Goudy Cursive in our Pyro line that you would like more.

What are the advantages of Pyrography Engraving?

  • Leather Pyrography is a method of burning an image or text onto the surface of the leather, instead of pressing it in. That means the image or text will remain on the leather for the life of the leather, and will not "pop" out or become damaged with rolling.

What are the disadvantages of Pyrography engraving? 

  • Just like with hot-press engraving the inscription doesn't always show up very well on some leather types and colors. We will have an example of pyro-engraving on each product listing so you can know what to expect. 


I hope you've enjoyed this brief introduction! The process is still being perfected by our design team and will be available on 8/25. Please leave us your feedback, we'd love to hear from you! 

You can leave feedback in 1 of 3 ways... 

  1. Submit a comment below
  2. Email us at
  3. Call us at (509) 325-7206

Thank you!

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