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PayPal & Rewards Points: Please Read

PayPal & Rewards Points: Please Read

Hello, everyone!


I need to go over a couple things about PayPal really quick. If you are a PayPal user, please continue to read. This affects your CS rewards points and how you use your Chic Sparrow account.


PayPal is a highly user-friendly organization that makes checking out online fast and safe. Chic Sparrow only recently made PayPal an option, so we've only recently been realizing the following challenge:

1. If your PayPal account email address is DIFFERENT from your Chic Sparrow account email address, checking out with PayPal may cause your order to be placed under "guest checkout", meaning there will be no points accrued with that purchase. 

2. there are 0 points accrued under guest checkout, therefore, we CANNOT retroactively add points from orders that were placed under guest checkout. We also cannot combine points from different email accounts. 


If your PayPal account email is different than your Chic Sparrow account email, you may consider changing the PayPal account to the same email address, to make things easier.

Another trick might be making double SURE you are logged into your Chic Sparrow account before purchasing through PayPal. I'm not able to see whether or not someone was logged into their account BEFORE checking out with PayPal. Maybe that's the main issue? I'm not quite sure yet. It's something I was noticing, so I wanted to make sure you were all aware.

If you want to collect rewards points on a purchase, just remember to double-check whether you are logged into your Chic Sparrow account or not BEFORE order placement.  As it says in our terms and conditions, we do not combine/add points from other email addresses. Thank you very much for understanding!


(You can read our full terms and conditions here:




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