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Outlander Prince & Fergus

Outlander Prince & Fergus

The latest colors to join the Chic Sparrow collections will be launching today, August 14th at 2 PM Pacific Time. 

From the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre making dye from sea snails, to Queen Elizabeth reserving the color to only be worn by royalty, and later William Henry Perkin stumbling upon a process for a synthetic version while working on a treatment for malaria... the color purple has a past that stands out. 
This color, as complex as its history, will soon be a part of Chic Sparrow’s Outlander Collection. The new plum shade, Prince, is sure to delight with its gentle pull up and luscious violet tones. It is ready to find a home as part of your collection and it’s not alone… 
Fergus is an antique gold color that reminds me of aged brass or an old coin. The slightly neutral qualities of its color make me feel it would compliment a wide variety of tastes and fit well in any season. Whether the mood is sharp and classy or casual at a coffee shop, Fergus fits right in.

Visit Chic Sparrow at 2 PM, August 14th to get your hands on these new colors in the Outlander Collection. Click here to head straight to where they will be found!

Oh, and before I forget...B6 Folios anyone? 

They're beginning to be made starting with Prince and Fergus. 


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