Newsletter: Second Chance Mystery Sale

Second Chance Sale


The greatly anticipated Second Chance sale is just around the corner. We want you to have a fun and enjoyable shopping experience with us! We know that a big part of that is knowing what to expect. Here is everything you need to know before the sale starts. 

The blog answers questions like, "What is a Second Chance notebook?", "How many can I order?", and "Do I get to choose my size?", "How is the sale price calculated?" etc.



You choose the size and the model, we choose the leather/color. For example, you decide you want a Pocket Deluxe. When your order comes through, we'll choose the leather and color. You won't know what color or leather you're getting, you'll only know which size and model. 

You'll be using a Single-Use code (see below) to save 25% off your Second Chance order!


January 29th @ 9am Pacific Time


WHERE: in the "Second Chance" collection

 Your Code Is:



The listings will not be visible until 9am Pacific on the day of the sale. 

Tips for Ordering:

  1. Test your internet connection and browser to ensure it works on our website with your device
  2. Before the sale starts, make sure you have an account with a current shipping address to avoid having to fill it in at checkout
  3. Have payment info at hand
  4. Be online right at 9am pacific time. If you don’t know what time that is in your time zone, use this nifty Timezone Tool
  5. You may want to consider purchasing any desired accessories on a separate order to help you process your Time Traveler order as quickly as possible (your Single Use Second Chance code will only work towards your Second Chance order) 
  6. Remember: adding an item to your cart does not save it for more than a moment. The best thing to do is just add the item to your cart and checkout as quickly as possible 

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. We cannot combine shipment with multiple order numbers 
  2. We cannot add items to orders or increase the size of the book that was originally ordered
  3. We cannot retroactively add discount codes to orders that are already placed
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