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NEW Pen Loop Design

NEW Pen Loop Design

It's no secret we love pen loops on our deluxe Sparrows. They've been on our books since the beginning. It's about time we've had an update, don't you think?
I personally love this new design: it's sleek, modern, and user-friendly. Rather than having to tuck the pen loop in or train it away while journaling, the updated design lays flat and flush with the edge of the notebook providing a smooth surface for writing.
    (Shown in photo, Mr. Darcy Deluxe Bennet)

     Deluxe notebooks that are currently available with the NEW pen loop design:

    • Deluxe Mr. Darcy Collection
    • Pelican
    • All Classic Odysseys with the addition of Secretarial Pockets + Topstitching +  Pen Loop. 
    • Deluxe Cronos 
    • Deluxe Apollo
    • Deluxe Creme Collection
    • Deluxe Pemberley Collection

    Deluxe notebooks that will soon* be available with the NEW pen loop design:

    Odyssey Hera, Artemis, Siren, Athena, and Calypso

    *a date for this change has not yet been set

    Here's a pro tip: 

    If you are anxious to see the Odyssey notebooks updated with the new pen loop design, one option would be to order your Classic Odyssey and add secretarial pockets + pen loop. The pen loop on the secretarial version will be the new and improved ✌🏻

    We'll do our absolute best to keep this list as current as possible. Be sure to check the listing details and photos before making a purchase so you know exactly what pen loop design you'll be getting.
    Thanks for reading! If you have any questions you can reach me, Olga, or Keisha at
    I hope you have a beautiful month of June!
    Best regards,
    Julia H.
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