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New Outlander!

New Outlander!

Ready for a soft and luxurious feeling leather?

Outlander Coming Soon!                     July 2nd, 2018
Beautiful NEW Colors

What is the Outlander?

For those of you new to Outlander,
you're going to love this leather!

The Outlander comes in three colors, Fraser (Red, Left), Claire (Copper Brown, Right) and Highland Green (Bottom). This leather's semi-glossy finish makes it resistant to liquid spills and moisture. It has a wonderful pull-up quality that shows color variations deep within the chrome-tanned hide.

What has changed? 

If you've experienced our Outlander leathers, Time Traveler, Brown Coat, Verona, or Wine, you will find little difference in our new collection. The new colors will be the same leather as our Highland Green, which has not changed. This new Outlander looks, feels, and moves the same. It holds true to the quality of the past. 

Like the previous selections, this new Outlander:

  • Resists permanent scratching (marks made will often massage out)
  • Pliable, soft, and resilient 
  • Waxy and smooth feel


This leather will be available in all sizes from Pocket-A5, including Nano, and Weekly Callender Covers. The Nano and Weekly Calendar covers may not be available on the initial day of launch, however, they will be available soon after. 

When Can I Get One?

This collection will be launched on our website at 9 AM PST on July 2nd, 2018, in the Outlander Collection.

A Rustic Choice: the pullup quality in this leather allows the color to change as the leather is bent or scratched. The result is a stunning color dynamic that is almost distressed in character. 

Check Out Our YouTube Video on Outlander Leather

Check out the fun shenanigans we had!

❤️Fall in love with the Outlander Collection ❤

Outlander Collection
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