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The video above is called a "TMT" which stands for Two-Minute-Tuesdays. 

The "TMT"s are a series of videos in which we discuss ordering tips, journal hacks, leather information and more. The videos are always 2 minutes long (approximately) and new episodes are posted on our YouTube channel every Tuesday. They are perfect bite-size bits of information!
If you're new to Traveler's Notebooks, or just new to our brand, you might have some specific questions you need answered. 
"What are rewards points?" 
"How often do you restock?"
"How do I decide on a size?" 
We spend a lot of time creating content that we hope will help our community have an easy and enjoyable shopping experience with us. We have a blog, Youtube Channel, Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter, Newsletter (sign up by scrolling to the bottom of the page), FAQ, and an instagram (to name a few!).  
BUT: if you are not finding the answer to your question, please never hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone: (509) 325-7206
or email:
We are always here for you. 

Quick Q & A: 

Do you offer returns? Yes! Un-customized items can be returned for an in-store credit coupon. Read our return policy for more details.
How often do you restock "out of stock" items? We try to restock each business day. If we are out of a specific leather it may take up to 2 weeks. You can sign up for an "In Stock" alert to be automatically notified when something is available again.
What dimensions are your different book sizes? We have a size chart that tells you what size of insert to order according to size (far left). If you want to know the measurement of the book itself, look in the far right column. All dimensions are approximate. 
What is your order turnaround time? Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days. We are not in the office Saturday and Sunday, so we do not count those days in our turnaround time. It is not common to receive a shipping notice sooner than 7 days. Preorders and special sales are different. A turnaround time of 15 business days should be expected for preorders and special sales. 
Be sure to check out our great resources, or reach out to Customer Care if you need any help.
Thanks for reading and watching. Have a wonderful day!
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