Mr. Darcy Leather Profile

July 25, 2017 0 Comments

The Mr. Darcy is a favorite here at Chic Sparrow. It is best known for its soft, impressionable nature. 
The Mr. Darcy leather is mostly smooth with a somewhat glossy finish, although certain parts of the hide will yield a different texture. 
For example, here are some close-up images of different Mr. Darcy finishes:
Notice the shiny surface, and the more porous, muted finishes? These are all Mr. Darcy leather swatches from different parts of the same hide. 
Ordering Tips:
  • If you prefer a specific variation, feel free to ask for it in your order notes. We will do the best we can 
  • Fat rolls are very common in this leather and show up like lighter colored lines or "waves"
  • This leather scratches easily. If you like perfectly smooth or uniform leather, we do not recommend this style 

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