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May 7th Newsletter: New Mr. Darcy colors!

May 7th Newsletter: New Mr. Darcy colors!

Introducing two new Mr. Darcy colors:

Bingley & Bennet!

Bingley is a rich and vibrant blue.

Bennet is a graceful, cool-toned brown.

Both new colors stay true to their Mr. Darcy roots.
The leather is structured and has a strong pull-up element.
The leather scratches easily and breaks in with time and use. Watch your full grain leather gain character and marks as it wears its history with pride!
Design notice: 
All new colors in Deluxe will feature updated pen loop design as introduced by Jennifer Harvey on her Instagram (@thechicsparrow). More photos and details to follow ❤️. For Classic models (no pockets), you'll have the option to add a riveted pen loop or a stitched on pen loop as usual.  

Bennet and Bingley launch on May 14th

  • Mr. Darcy in Bingley and Bennet will be posted in Mr. Darcy collection @ 9 am Pacific
  • This is a new product launch for Classic and Deluxe in sizes Pocket-A5
  • If you miss out on the initial stock (@9am Pacific 5/14), don't worry! They'll be restocked the following days. 
  • Turnaround time for the launch is 15 business days

Weekly Calendar Covers and Nanos will be available at a later date. 


 New pen loop examples: 

The updated pen loop design is slim and easy to use. Once a pen is inserted, the pen loop lays flat against inserts and stays out of the way. Enjoy a flat writing surface because the pen loop does not cause any bumps or lumps under the back secretarial pocket!

Inside View:

Outside view:


Q & A

Can I order the Deluxe with the old pen loop design? 
  • The new pen loop design is out and we are so excited for you to try it! Unfortunately, because we do not offer custom work, we will not be able to alter the design for this new release. 

Are these new items on sale?

  • No, this is a new product launch and all items are regular price.

I saved my Chic Sparrow rewards and now I have enough for a coupon code. Can I use it on the new items? 

  • Yes, you can! You can use your rewards' points whenever you like, just as long as you aren't using them in conjunction with another sale or discount code.  

What about the new colors in Pemberley and Odyssey? 

  • New colors in Pemberley and Odyssey coming soon! All happening in May. Keep an eye out for your CS newsletters!

Thanks for reading! 

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