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May 25th Newsletter - Yanny vs. Laurel and Second Chance Sale!

May 25th Newsletter - Yanny vs. Laurel and Second Chance Sale!


Recently I was introduced to the "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate if you can call it that. Of course, there are many scientific explanations for why people hear different versions at different times. If you're unfamiliar with the conversation, watch this video first.

I listened to it with my fiancé, Lucas, and was surprised to find that we heard the opposite of each other no matter what register the voice was in (we watched several different versions). When I heard Laurel, he heard Yanny and vice versa. 

Y'all remember the black and gold dress, right? 

Anyhoo - it's just an amazing example of how people experience life differently because it is filtered through their own, unique perspectives. 

Variety is a truly beautiful thing, aye? Of course, we would say that... working with full grain leather and all!

I feel that differences such as these fill our world with beauty and intrigue. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter and whether you heard Laurel or Yanny or both! Tag us on twitter (@thechicsparrow) with your answer.

Much love, Sparrow fam. Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend and don't forget to show some love to those folks around you! 

-Ruth H. 


Blues vs. Greens:

Next to Highland Green Outlander and (now retired) Pemberley Fern, the Titanic definitely appears bluer. 


However, we take the very same book and place it next to the Outlander Time Traveler and Pemberley Caspian, and we see the green side of Mr. Darcy Titanic. 


Second Chance Sale News

What is the discount? 

Use your single-use discount code (SC25) to save 25% on your Second Chance items. You can order as many as you’d like, however, to make sure you get the best deal, be sure to order everything in a single order because your code will only work once.

The Classic notebooks will be pre-listed at 25% off, so when you use your single-use 25% discount code, you will be saving a total of 50% off Classic Second Chance journals!

What in the world is a Second Chance Sale?

  • Glad you asked! 🙋 The Second Chance Sale is a sale where you pick the size and we pick the leather. It’s a grab-bag kind of sale for customers who want a beautiful product at a discount. The main requirement? You gotta love surprises!

What makes a notebook a "Second Chance"?

  • Sometimes the leather has natural cuts that go a little deeper than the surface. We don't send these out in regular orders, but it's still a perfectly functioning book that will last for years and years and we add it to the second chance bin. If a cut affects the usability of a notebook, we do not send it even in the Second Chance sale.

There are many more reasons, but the bottom line is this: we will send you a beautifully unique and perfectly usable notebook. We do not send unusable products.

When is it?

  • The Second Chance sale is @ 9 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) June 1st, 2018

Let’s let these Sparrows fly home!


More info: Read the Second Chance Sale Blog

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