GB Maverick

October 16, 2017 0 Comments

GB Maverick

Maverick. /mav(ə)rik/
"an unorthodox or independent-minded person."

The Maverick leather is thick and tough with stunning lines of golden color that streak like lightning across a mostly smooth, medium brown surface.

 Maverick leather is made from the Asian Water Buffalo. Buffalo leather is prized for its unique patterning and unmatched durability.


Throw it in your bag; bring it with you everywhere you go. Walk through life with your Maverick and share your adventures on our facebook page


Golden Brown Maverick Color and Variation:


  • Medium to light brown with golden lines of crackly color


Pictured above: samples of Golden Brown Maverick leather from different parts of a few different hides. Notice the super fine crackling on the far left, and the spaced crackling right in the middle example? These are all normal variations to expect in the Maverick collection. 




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