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Maverick Preorder Info (March Newsletter)

Maverick Preorder Info (March Newsletter)

GB (Golden Brown) Maverick leather Profile: 

  • Thickness: thick leather (2.8 mm) similar to Creme in thickness but much firmer
  • Flexibility: firm hand that softens with time and use. Has an unexpected "give" that allows you to train the leather around your inserts
  • Color: ranges from med-light brown base with golden "crackles" all over. The Maverick varies quite a lot and no two pieces will be exactly the same 
  • Texture: smooth, reflective "islands" of base color with raised or sunken lines where crackling is seen

Thump Test: feels and sounds much like tapping on a thick, glossy-paged magazine.  


  •  "The leather is simply delicious—so sturdy, virtually indestructible, so UNIQUE. Mine is the Narrow size in the Classic style, so no pockets, no pen loop, no stitching." - Loree


  • "I love the unique look of these notebooks. It feels special to me. All my notebooks are beautiful but this one begs to be stared at. I don’t stress about it getting beat up. It feels like it was made to walk through life. I think that this leather is a must...even if you aren’t sure if you like stiffer leathers. It’s just special!" - Marilyn


  • "Maverick is the leather one can be totally relaxed with! No worries about scratching, denying, etc. Perfect when one has the need to stand and write because of the stiffness. LOVE IT!!" -Elizabeth

Where:, Limited Editions Collection NOTE: the listing will not be visible until the time of the preorder.

When: March 12th starting at 9 am Pacific Time
How long:  available while supplies last*
Which sizes? Passport through A5 (excludes Weekly Calendar Cover)
Which Models? Classic and Deluxe

*Even though this is a preorder, we have a limited supply of leather in-house

Tips for Ordering:

  • Be online as close to 9 am PST as possible
  • Do not add additional items to the order**
  • Keep your order notes short and sweet
  • Complete your order as quickly as possible

**You are more than welcome to add additional items to the preorder. Just keep in mind, all additional items will be shipped with your Maverick within 15 business days of order placement. Adding more items to your preorder may slow down the ordering process.


You can submit questions or comments to us by email:
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