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March Hare

March Hare

The Carroll Collection

Featuring Alice, Duchess, Dormouse, Snark, and as of Monday, October 26th, March Hare!

 This color has been met with great anticipation - when seen in person, there’s no mystery as to why.

The calm tan tone of the March Hare reminds me of shadows near the shore and light driftwood logs drying in the sand.

A cozy neutral, this leather compliments change as it cares for your inserts from one season to the next. 

Similar to Alice, this leather is thin and pliable; it is slightly textured and soft to the touch. The somewhat matte finish allows the leather to develop striking striations that tell tales of its history while maintaining its original color.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The button below will take you straight to the Carroll collection at Chic Sparrow and the March Hare will meet you there! 


 Chic Sparrow 

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