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Introduction to Simple Workbooks

Introduction to Simple Workbooks

We're launching a brand new paper insert in every size pocket through A5 (the only exclusion is Weekly Calendar size). Yay for Pocket and A5 inserts, finally! 


I want to make an important distinction between these new inserts and the inserts we've always made here at our shop. 

  • Our Simple Workbooks are not acid-free, which means they are intended for simple note-taking and other projects that are not considered archival 
  • Unlike our current Basic Insert line, these new inserts are not made at Chic Sparrow 
Up until now, we've made inserts ourselves in limited sizing, and now, we are very excited to offer you easy access to a workbook for every size (pocket through A5*)


These little workbooks are color coordinated by size:

  • Pocket: Black
  • A6: Gray
  • Passport: Brown
  • B6 Slim: Lavender
  • B6: Yellow
  • Narrow: Blue
  • Wide: Orange
  • A5: Green

 What to expect from the paper:

  • The paper is 80gsm ivory
  • There are 32 dot-grid only sheets (64 pages) per workbook
  • The cover is a 230gsm card with matte lamination

Here are some written samples to see how this paper handles different types of pens

Sample 1: Ball Point Pen
Sample 2: Gel Pen
Sample 3: Med. Nib Fountain Pen


As you can see the paper does have some ghosting and bleed through with med. Nib fountain pen (with very wet ink). There is also ghosting with a normal everyday gel pen, however, there is far less than with a wet, ink fountain pen.

These fun inserts are priced to please and perfect for simple everyday use, keeping your notes, doodles, and lists organized!


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 Simple Workbook Q & A

Do you offer different colors in each size, or are the colors specific to the size?

We'd love it if we could change the colors for you, to match your favorite size with the color you'd prefer, however, we are unable to do so. 

Will these inserts take the place of your current Basic Insert line? 

For now, we will work through remaining inventory in our Basic Insert line. It is possible that these Workbooks will take the place of our Basic Insert line eventually.

* Simple Workbook is not currently available in the Weekly Calendar size.

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