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International Shipping Update

International Shipping Update

Hello everyone, we're making some positive changes to our international shipping options. If this pertains to you, please keep reading! 


UPDATE: USPS First Class Shipping has not been removed. It will remain an option as long as it continues to be of service to the majority of our beloved international customers.

As of June 11th @ 9 AM PST, USPS First Class International will no longer be an option for international deliveries.

If the USPS First Class shipping option ($16.50, or Chic Box) is your go-to shipping option, do not dismay! Please continue reading to learn why we believe this is a step in the right direction.

  • Will my shipping costs be higher? 
The cost may be slightly higher depending on your order contents - however, you will have little to no COD (cash on delivery), and you will not have to drive to accept your package or be left "in the dark" without tracking. Over all, we feel the quality of delivery will even out the extra cost.
  • Can I still choose UPS if I prefer? 

YES! If you would rather use a UPS delivery, don't worry. You will still be able to choose that option. 

The truth is, it's hard to imagine something being stuck in customs or lost in transit unless you've experienced it before yourself, and when it happens, it is far more disappointing than paying a little more for shipping. Just look at the specs below and I think you'll agree: 


  1. Parcels take between 5-20 business days to arrive to an international location
  2. Additionally, your parcel may be held in customs for another 2-6 weeks for sorting and clearance
  3. Chic Sparrow employees cannot reach out to your country's Customs Office regarding U.S. mail
  4. There is no liability/insurance for lost or stolen parcels
  5. Tracking is only guaranteed available in U.S. 


  1. Parcels arrive in as few as 2-6 business days
  2. DHL sends customs clearance ahead of time
  3. Guaranteed Delivery 
  4. Parcels delivered to your door
  5. Direct customer support contact with Chic Sparrow regarding tracking, lost, or delayed mail  


 More DHL Perks: 

Guaranteed Tracking from shipment to delivery

Theft protection and liability 

Home delivery

Lightning fast shipping


We'd love to hear from you...

Thank you for reading, Sparrows! We hope you're as excited about this option as we are. For questions or comments, please reach out by email. 


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