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Ink & Poseidon

Ink & Poseidon

Whenever a friend from the past makes an appearance in my life again, I am flooded with memories of before and excitement towards the thought of making new ones!

Mr. Darcy has so many sides to him, I am not sure that a single color could capture all the thoughts and memories. That being said, one color has always struck me as a staple that completed such a classic look, it could never escape recurring.




This sleek looking leather can be so open to interpretation, I challenge you to find a space in your collection that it won’t fit right into. From neutrally toned professionalism to edgy dark poetry, the Ink color in the Mr. Darcy collection, or Poseidon in the Odyssey collection, illustrates a commonality amongst styles. 

Click to grab your Ink and Poseidon (Odyssey) today!



Some other news that I am excited to share involves some of our accessories. Perhaps you’re familiar with the Chic Sparrow Key Fob and Pen Quiver, in which case this will come as an update. If you’re not already familiar with these accessories, then we can take care of that right now!

Chic Sparrow will now be offering the Key Fob, Single & Twin Pen Quivers, as well as Single & Twin Elastic Closure Pen Quivers in many more of our leathers. These items will be listed within each collection by type, color, and style.



Perhaps there is a notebook that you have been hoping to match a Key Fob to or a Folio that you’ve always wanted an Elastic Pen Quiver Closure for, or maybe you’re just the small leather goods type. Whatever the case for your curiosity, the options you can find at Chic Sparrow are growing and that is great news!

Check back frequently to see when your favorite leather type has been stocked with these fun, and functional little additions.



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