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In Transit

In Transit

My parcel is on its way--good! It is out for delivery! Yes! It has been delivered…oh my. Where is my parcel? Why is my tracking saying delivered?! I have not received it? Who can I call? What is the next step? How am I supposed to stay calm knowing my precious parcel is out there somewhere lost and alone?! 

I know this may seem silly to some, but I completely understand the stress that can be a part of online ordering and shipping services. I have found that the only way for me to remain calm throughout these trials is to obtain as much information about the service as possible. 


  • All United States Postal Service tracking information is predictive only, this means that the tracking information available to the sender and recipient is the same and does not indicate the actual location of a package, but is only an estimate of where it was predicted to be.
  • In the event a package does not arrive and is thought to be lost in transit, the sender and recipient are provided with the same amount of information regarding the shipment and it is always recommended that the recipient contacts the shipping service first (once the package leaves the sender, it is in the care of the shipping service chosen by the recipient).
  • For international shipping with USPS there are very limited options for tracking and insurance. First Class International Shipping provided through the USPS is not insured or tracked at all. This is why I never recommend it for international shipments.
  • All international shipping options provided by the USPS cease to be tracked once the package departs the US and neither the USPS or the sender may inquire about the package after this point.
  • Customs fees are unknown to the sender may vary greatly depending on the size of the shipment, country of origin, country of destination, weight of package, and contents of package. If you are wondering about the customs fees an order has or may accumulate, contacting your local customs office is the way to gather information pertaining to this.
  • All rates for shipping with the USPS are calculated solely by the USPS. From a baseline rate set in place, fees are usually calculated upwards based on weight and/or contents.

At Chic Sparrow there are a few things we always recommend to our customers when it comes to shipping for their own safety and security.

  • DHL shipping service for all international orders (never first class USPS)
  • Additional shipping insurance on orders that total over $100 (outside of First Class, USPS insures parcels up to $100)
  • Contacting your local post office or USPS consumer affairs for any and all details regarding delivery (whether it is a desire to have a package held, delivered to an alternate address, or obtaining the whereabouts of a shipment)

I am always happy to do everything in my power to ensure or assist with speedy and proper delivery. At Chic Sparrow, it is important to us that you feel confident in the delivery of your items and that you know where to go or what steps to take if an issue should arise.

I hope this has been clear and I am excited for you to receive that shipping notification followed by the delivery notification. Thank you for reading and happy unboxing!

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