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If you are new to Chic Sparrow, or still have some questions about our website, here is some information that you may find helpful. We want your ordering experience to be a breeze, not a hurricane.
Sometimes if you are in a rush and you click to add an item to your cart, but it doesn’t work, it can be baffling. There are a couple of things that could cause this at the Chic Sparrow website. Be sure that you have selected the checkbox that states you understand your leather will have unique variation and you agree to the 20% restocking fee. If the item you are ordering has the option to include an inscription or additional options, you must either select none or select an option of your choice.
If you are ordering from a mobile device, the product description, characteristics, design details, and customer reviews will be listed below the add to cart button. Scrolling down to read the details of the item you are planning to add can be very helpful in choosing the product that is right for you. On most desktops, these details will be visible without scrolling.
Shopping the Collections is an easy way to view products by leather type. This makes deciding on the product that is right for you a bit more organized. Once you decide on a leather type that suits you, you can view all available products made from that leather. This is also where you’ll find listings of products we offer outside of Travelers’ notebooks. From our Bags Collection to our Simple Workbooks, and Accessories Collections. Searching is always an option, but for browsing, the Collections page is a great place to start.
Once you have selected an item to add to your cart, if you have not logged in to your account a small pop-up reminder should appear. If you have an account be sure to log in prior to completing payment information to receive rewards points. If you have not yet signed up for our rewards program now would be the opportune time to do so. Once you have signed up for an account and activated that account with our rewards program, you will receive rewards points for every purchase.
These points may be redeemed for a store credit coupon code to be applied to a future order. This is our way of saying thank you for shopping with us. If you are not signed up for our rewards program and signed in to your account you will not receive points for the purchase. This is important to remember because rewards points cannot be added to your account retroactively. To sign up for an account and activate it with our rewards program from a desktop you may click the yellow banner icon in the bottom left corner of any page of our website. On a mobile device, the banner icon will be grey and located at the bottom of the screen. Click, and then follow the prompts to sign up and start earning!
If your order total is over $75 prior to the checkout screen where shipping and taxes are calculated, then you will see an option to select shipping insurance. Though it is rare to have trouble, we have added this option for extra security in case the worst should happen in transit. The shipping methods we currently offer already insure parcels up to $100, however, after shipping and taxes are added if your order totals over $100, you may want the option to have selected additional insurance to cover the total cost for a nominal fee. This is why we now offer it as an option for orders totaling over $75 prior to shipping and taxes. If your order totals under $75 prior to the checkout screen the option will not be available because your parcel is insured through the carrier for up to $100 making the additional insurance unnecessary.
If you ever have any questions about a product or our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for stopping by!
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