FOLIO: A Tailored Fit for your Bonded-Spine A6 and A5

The Folio

A New Leaf To Turn 


September 10th 2018, 1 pm PST

The latest addition to the Chic Sparrow Collections has it covered. 

Wrap your planner in a hand-made leather protector. 

Choose from the leather types available to find the cover that accents your personal style.

The graceful, clean design of these covers make them perfect for personalization.

The Folio is a book cover comprised of four components. It will have two covers, a front and back, a stitched in spine, and a thin leather interior liner.

Each cover will have a slip pocket designed to hold a bonded-spine planner in place. The Folio is not a Traveler's Notebook but intended to hold a single bonded-spine book up to approximately 1" thick.

The Folio will be available in two sizes. The A6 and the A5 size. These hand-made covers will fit the Hobonichi Techo and Hobonichi Cousin as well as similarly sized planners.

The Folio will come in several leather types including, Pemberley, Mr. Darcy, Creme, and other selections current or retired. There will be two listings, one for A5 and one for A6. Leather types available will be listed under the associated size.

The sizes of the Folio will be specific to the cover and do not correlate with the A5 and A6 sizes of our Traveler's Notebooks.

There will be a very limited availability initially, but don't worry, if you don't see the one you're looking for, give it time. We have many more in the works!

We will not be able to place orders over the phone during the launch. 

Engraving will not be an option at the launch, but it may be an added option in the future.

There will be a 15 day turnaround period for Folios during the launch.

Thank you for understanding.  

The Folio does not come with a closure, leaving it “open” to custom additions.

Experiment with elastic closures, adhesive pen loops, or keep it simple with no closure for your coffee table, nightstand, or other in-home journals. 

Whether it be a leather wrap closure or a crocheted pen holder, this cover is open for possibilities to illustrate your personality.

Find your favorite custom closure and share it with the sparrow family!

Q & A

Will the Folio come in other leather selections?
Yes! Keep an eye out for the latest leather to join the Folio design.

Will the Folio be available in the Odyssey Collection?
Maybe! Though no dates have been set in stone, the future may hold a Folio in the Odyssey Collection.

Where can I find the Folios?
Remember, the Folios will not be visible until 1 pm PST on Monday, September 10th

Chic Sparrow
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