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Five New Colors Coming Your Way

Five New Colors Coming Your Way

The latest leather colors to join the Chic Sparrow Collections have arrived and are getting ready to make their way into your hands! 
These leathers will be launched as pre-order items one at a time over the next two weeks. For all pre-order items, we ask for a 15 business day turnaround period. 
The pre-order listings will look a bit different than a regular listing. Once you select a model, you will then be able to select the size you would like and the price will be calculated at that time. Nanos and Weekly Calendar Covers will be listed as size options within the Deluxe model listings.
It all starts, September 30th with the Crème Huckleberry leather. New Waypoint colors will follow one at a time. Be sure to read on for important details.

The Newest Leathers at Chic Sparrow

The Waypoint Collection in the photo below from top to bottom: Misty Mountain, Starry Night, Open Road, and Cherry Sky.

Here is a schedule for the pre-order launch dates over the next two weeks. Remember, Weekly Calendar Covers and Nanos are listed as sizes under the Deluxe models.

6 AM Pacific Time until 1 PM Pacific Time

  • September 30th - Crème Huckleberry in E-Class, Folios, Classic, & Deluxe models
  • October 2nd - Waypoint Starry Night in Classic & Deluxe
  • October 3rd - Waypoint Starry Night Bags in assorted designs
  • October 4th - Waypoint Open Road in Classic & Deluxe
  • October 7th - Waypoint Open Road Bags in assorted designs
  • October 8th - Waypoint Misty Mountain in Classic & Deluxe 
  • October 9th - Waypoint Misty Mountain Bags in assorted designs
  • October 10th - Waypoint Cherry Sky in Classic & Deluxe
  • October 11th - Waypoint Cherry Sky Bags in assorted designs

Important Details:

All new colors will be sold as pre-order items and we ask for a 15 business day turnaround for all pre-orders. Weekly Calendar Covers and Nanos will be listed as a size option within the Deluxe model listings. All leathers are available in limited quantities at this time. 

I am excited about these new colors to join Chic Sparrow and I can’t wait for you to receive yours. Thank you for reading and I will see you there! 


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