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Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods

Guess what's back?

I have just restocked the Enchanted Woods leathers in the E-Class collection and I am happy to say it won’t be the last time. I know you’ve been hoping for the return of this luxurious Italian leather and I can’t wait for you to receive yours. The colors Evanwood, Eastwood, and Elderwood are still the same rich shades as before, however, the finish is now a bit more matte. This makes the leather slightly more scratch resistant, which is wonderful, and they are just as beautiful as you remember.


Some other important updates

  • The Creme leather was discontinued by our regular distributor. Not to worry, we know the Creme collection is one of your favorites at Chic Sparrow. We couldn't just let it fall by the wayside, so we searched and have found another source. The only change will be a slight price increase of the Creme collection due to sourcing. 
  • The Second Chance collection will no longer require you to enter a code to receive savings. The discount code 2ND2019 will now be automatically applied to all items ordered from the second chance collection. Please remember there is still only the ability to apply a single discount code per order, therefore additional discount codes will not apply to orders that include second chance items.

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