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Dormouse & More

Dormouse & More


The next chapter of the Carroll Collection is ready to make its way into your hands! 
Wednesday, August 26th between 10 & 11 AM Pacific Time marks the launch of Dormouse, the latest color joining the Carroll Collection. This color is sure to make an impression as part of your own collection and I can’t wait for you to see it in person. 

When asked to describe the color of the Dormouse, I held a piece of it in my hands and this is how it made me feel. 

- Packed sand at the edge of a brook, the soft ground between the roots of an old tree and the initials carved into its bark, reminiscent of romance. Here is where your mind is free to chase thoughts throughout the day. Of paths crossed, bridges built, and roads less traveled. Onward into your story. -

I am excited to hear how this new color feels to you and the place it comes to hold in your collection.

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The Scout design will also be released as a limited edition item this Wednesday between 10 & 11.
If you have already viewed the Youtube video announcing the production of the Scout then you can imagine my anticipation for its availability. The unique combination of the Maverick & Crème leathers is best experienced in person, but if I had to choose some words I would say, this is where stark, natural, ridged, & hardy meets bohemian, aromatic, earthy, & free-spirited. 




I have one more thing I’d like to share with you today. There have been some updates to the inscription services being offered at Chic Sparrow. Moving forward, inscription characters will be limited to lettersnumbers, and spacesInscriptions may not contain punctuation, special characters, emojis, etc.

But why?! 

At Chic Sparrow we strive to offer products that meet or exceed our desires for quality standards. If a product or service that we offer is found to detract from the value provided to you, our customer, then we work diligently to refine the processes involved for that service.

At this time, it has been found that letters, numbers, and spaces, are the inscription characters we can consistently provide within these guidelines. 

One other insider suggestion that has been brought to my attention is the avoidance of inscriptions that are entirely uppercase. Fully uppercase inscriptions are allowed, however, not recommended due to aesthetic inconsistencies with the lower right-hand justification of the inscriptions. These inconsistencies are especially noted in the Goudy Cursive font.


P.S. - Keep an eye on the Bags Collection. There may be some Cheyenne Totes made from the Route 66 leather coming soon!

Thank you for reading and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I will see you soon at Chic Sparrow!

Luke S.


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