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Do Folios Take Odysseys?

Do Folios Take Odysseys?

No Tears for Spilled Ink

Two popular designs meet and the outcome is captivating. 

I know I have heard you say it once or twice before and it has definitely been on the wind.
Are you ready?

The Mr. Darcy Folio listings will now have the option to 'Make Mine an Odyssey'. You may choose to include either Cup Rings, Ink Drops, both, or neither, by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.
These notebooks are a fantastic illustration of professionalism meets eccentricity.
From the artist's space to the boardroom without a wince at transition. Catching glances on the street and in the office.

These notebooks are going fast and may not last forever. They are one of a kind and certainly a stand-out in any collection. You may have just found your next EDC!

Get yours today at Chic Sparrow. Click here to shop the Mr. Darcy Folios.

“The journal, the plan, your thoughts, your hands, and all freedom happened,

With time, for now, to trust, to grow, and nothing more for granted…”


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